Hint-of-Orange Iced Tea | Natural, Fresh-Brewed Joy 

Hint-of-Orange Iced Tea made its debut alongside Petro’s Chili & Chips’ first-ever brick and mortar restaurant in 1985. Refreshing and unique, the naturally brewed tea quickly earned recognition as a top-choice Petro’s menu item and only continued in its popularity growth over the next thirty years. It wasn’t long before the crave-worthy beverage caught the attention of those beyond its hometown of Knoxville and soon the Hint-of-Orange Iced Tea craze was born.

Naturally brewed and always refrigerated, Hint-of-Orange offers an unforgettable taste experience from the first surprising sip. Whether you’re enjoying a biscuit ‘n grits brunch, a backyard barbecue, or a loaded Petro’s Barrel, Hint-of-Orange pairs perfectly with just about every meal and occasion. Often referred to as “Fresh Brewed Joy”, it’s no wonder guests perk up when served our tea during working lunch meetings, catered events, and holiday gatherings.

Quenching Thirst in Big Orange Country

Hint-of-Orange’s presence at powerhouse venues including the University of Tennessee stadiums and the renowned Bristol Motor Speedway have transformed our refreshingly pure, orange-infused beverage into a regional brand with deep Tennessee roots. Steeped in the proud tradition of partnering with some of the most respected, homegrown enterprises and institutions in Tennessee, Hint-of-Orange strives to foster full strength relationships that benefit common mission and goals.

Naturally Brewed with Premium Ingredients  • Non-GMO • Gluten Free  • Bottled Fresh • Always Refrigerated  • No Strange Fillers • No Artificial Sweeteners • Low Sugar Content
• Sodium Free • 20 grams of sugar* • 85 calories per serving*

* In our sweetened pints